Is Yacht Suitable for Family Vacations?

There is no better way to connect family than having fun on the water.
For some it is about celestial luxury, for others it’s champagne soaked parties but for most yacht vacations are all about lovely family occasions. For many charterers, it is families that make the scene more than any big soiree.

Luxury Caribbean Boat Charters are often viewed as adult playgrounds, and that image is supported by brochures showing couples sipping champagne or dressed elegantly for dinner. But that’s only one side of the charter coin. Granted, not every boat is child-friendly but growing numbers have gone to great lengths to develop reputations for being pro-child and your charter broker at Luxury Caribbean Boat Charters can advise you on the ones your family will love.

Yacht service for Family

 We offer family oriented crew

A common starting point for a family yacht is the crew, and these captains make a point of hiring crew members who like children. Yacht crew is in the hospitality trade, after all, and many are excellent with children. One captain says his first question in a crew interview is: “Do you like kids?”


Some yacht crew are known for being extra-amazing with children, but all crew will have some different tricks up their sleeves to keep kids entertained, whether it’s a pirate treasure hunt on shore or amazing theme nights on board. Youngsters might discover a bottle on a beach, complete with an ancient treasure map, sending the excited kids on a hunt that leads to a treasure chest filled with chocolate coins.






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